looking forward to the weekend

3mile run today in preparation for my long runs at the weekend. Am looking forward to these runs and hope I manage to run as far as I’m hoping.The plan has changed a bit as I’m off to Dumfries for a few days. So taking my kit and will need to find somewhere to run down there.  Perhaps the Dumfries air will give me an edge! Looking forward to spending time with my friend and also  receiving   my belated christmas present- a bottle of my favourite rum!

Todays run wasn’t great, was hard work, but even though I didnt enjoy it I didn’t stop and walk so thats something.



I’m a bit dissapointed with my effort today. Was a very small run round the grass a few times  in the local park. Decided to try tying Lucy round my waist by her lead and see if I could get her to run alongside me. Lucy being our 9yr  going on 9month old cocker spaniel with a keen sense of smell and no respect for my authorty. Her performance was better than expected and she didn’t trip me up once. Actually for 3/4 of the way round the track she verged on obedient, on the other quarter there were other dogs that were far more interesting than trotting round the circle with me and when they had left their scent was possibly even more appealing.

I definitly didn’t have to drag her along as I had anticipated and felt guilty that I didn’t bring any treats to reward her good behavior and happy face that looked up at me periodically as she bounded along with a sudden burst of energy. Although that was probably just her thinking she was about to get a treat! I think I’ll try this again and see if I can get her used to it then she can come out running with me on some of my shorter runs.

So will need to do better tomorrow, think I shall go to the gym as I have 2 long runs planned at the weekend.

Janathon Goal set!

Today was a rest day as I noticed my muscles were getting sore and I would really like to be able to run 8-10miles at the weekend. Didn’t bother with the aforementioned swimming, mainly due to reasons listed. No walk either, decided to start some exercises to strengthen my core muscles instead. Sit ups- eurgh. The plank was uncomfortable at best. The side plank was impossible and the sit ups where I bring my knees up in some sort of bicycle motion were positively torturous!!!

Decided today  that my Janathon goal is to be able to run a half marathon at the end of January. I think this will be hard work but achievable and will mean I am on track for the marathon in May. Need to sort out a proper structured plan and get it down in black and white, rather than flitting between different plans I’ve found online.

Another goal which is possibly less achievable is to understand how to work this blog. I have blogenvy after reading other peoples blogs that include pictures, plans, followers, the Janathon logo permanently attatched and so much more!! Not sure if it’s just the wordpress blog thats difficult or just me!!


So ended up relaxing….after running 4miles. Found my muscles quite uncomfortable today from the past few runs, could probably do with a rest day tomorrow.

Perhaps swimming or a walk tomorrow I think, I kindof hate swimming though. I’m not very good at it so I feel self conscious, and then theres the blindness when I have to remove my glasses and the obligatory fluster and embarrassing situation that occurs such as walking into the mens showers. Running seems to be the least embarrassing of all physical pursuits for me.

Enjoyed my run tonight despite some discomfort, think my pace was ok and managed a good 100m sprint at the end. Will definitley need to run in the daylight on Thursday then I can find a new route also.


Just back from traipsing around town for 5hours. Must have covered at least a mile, surely?! Had planned to go to the gym tonight but am still full from my late lunch and very tired. It’s getting late to go to the gym. Shall I just count my endless walking as exercise? Wait a bit and re-energize and go for a run (but it’s so dark).What to do?!

need contacts

Messed around all afternoon so ended up going out in the dark and it was pouring with rain. Usually I really like running in the rain, today however, it proved problematic. My glasses were so wet I couldn’t see through them and with the car headlights shining at me I kept having to stop as I couldnt see a thing. Think I could do with some contact lenses for practical purposes not just vanity.

I decided to just stick with a short run as I wasn’t enjoying myself due to lack of vision! However when I got to my chosen end point I made myself run a little further and started to enjoy it so I ran an extra couple of miles. May be sore tomorrow though, but happy.

Didn’t see anyone else running. More cars than expected (unfortunately). Heckled by one drunk.


Ran to Balloch park for jogscotland group 3k, was late as always so didnt make it in time! However now know I can run a bit faster and I wont brake!

So instead had a wee walk around the park then onto McDonalds for a nutritious refuel! Made up for missing the run later in the day by running about 6miles. Enjoyed the run and the 6 miles is a good start to build on throughout the rest of janathon.

So, very happy with my 2 runs today. Just need to sort out my tardiness!!

However am absolutely devastated that I arrived home with a massive blister on my left foot, after all that time in the shop and money spent on my new trainers and only one foot is pain free! Will definitly need to get this sorted otherwise I’ll never make 26miles!

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